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"Humans and their personal stories have always fascinated me the most."

Inbal Arieli, Curator, The Founders Studio

Inspired by the great Marcel Proust, Bernard Pivot and James Lipton, author Inbal Arieli, created her own version of a fun series of 12 identical questions she introduces to the most inspiring people in Israel, of various groups. The personal answers capture their minds, souls and hearts. The collective mosaic of each curated community reflects on its core values and ideas.

An expert to the Israeli tech ecosystem, its origins and values, Arieli reminds us that behind the impressive innovation and accomplishments, there are human beings, just like all of us. 

Ranging from their childhood memories, through the people they wish to meet for dinner, what discourages and what motivates them, all the way to their favorite word and a piece of advice for their younger self (and us...). 

The result? Israel’s top creative souls provide a glance into their memories, insights and beliefs. 

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