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"When innovation meets humanity, great wisdom is revealed"



Inbal Arieli, Author

Chutzpah: Why Israel Is A Hub Of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Israel's Tech

Role Models

Towards Israel's 75th Independence Day, who will be joining the mosaic of diverse role models of the flourishing Israeli tech entrepreneurial ecosystem? Men and women, younger or more experienced, from all groups of the Israeli society. Stay tuned!



Extraordinary Women In Tech

Giving special stage to my fellow female colleagues, all trailblazers, innovators and executives chosen as role models by younger women in tech. These extraordinary women influence our ecosystem in various ways, hoping to inspire the younger generation to join us. 



Connecting disruptive Israeli creators and artists through their brave and unique voices. The stories and insights behind their choices are what inspire me the most. Their journeys, rather than their end results, feed my imagination. Ready to join me in an exciting discovery?

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